Sccm 2016 distribution point not updating

The new Package Transfer Manager (Pkg Xfer Mgr) component performs the distribution of the content but the distribution manager still processes the distribution jobs.

The data that is distributed to a site or distribution point is still compressed.

In large environments, inconsistent distribution of content can lead to distribution points which are not aligned to each other, while you intended them to be because you grouped them in a Distribution Point group. If you have the possibility to do so, use RBAC to restrict access to distribution points while giving access to the distribution point groups 2.

Under some circumstances, this task isn’t cleaned up and so the reinstall keeps happening [Place holder post – FULL POST write up coming shortly]

As part of the Insider program I get rather frequent upgrades to Windows 10.

Each time the upgrade installs it resets my speech language to “English (United States)” which means Cortana stops working as my Region is set to “Australia” I also use Config Mgr to handle updates on my network (this would also apply for people using WSUS) so when I go into the Region & language settings I don’t get the Speech feature appearing under the “English (Australia)” options. I recently experienced an issue with a very large number of Config Mgr 2007 package updates (400) to a large number of sites (1700).

First of all I would like to give you a quick overview of the new content library in Configuration Manager 2012, so you have some background information.

This content library is the new file repository for the content on site servers and distribution points.


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