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star apparently tied the knot in secret, and her wedding snapshots are super sweet.

There's no word yet on her mystery man's name, but the pair were glowing with love on their big day.

"Happily Ever After," the actress titled the above Instagram, showing her and her new husband on a petal-covered aisle.

Other photos from Facebook show the ceremony taking place with Bissett and her spouse holding hands in front of their officiant.

The other one is on her left hip, on the front of her leg.

She turned her back to the audience and unzipped her pants and showed it to Conan, who appeared quite aroused.

star Josie Bissett recently tied the knot with her fiancé.

Days with her kids Mason, 9, and Maya, 6, usually go something like this: “Breakfast, school, sports, navigating how to get them to two different places at the same time, homework, make dinner, make lunches and lastly, my favorite time with them, relaxing together before bed,” Josie said. What’s up with Maya’s sassy pants attitude this week and what do I do about it? Did I refrain from hugging my son at school because he no longer allows it? Whew, off to sleep and then up for more of the same tomorrow!

And after they finally fall asleep, her mind is still racing. Is Mason’s cough normal or could it be something more serious? ” Josie is so down-to-earth, friendly and genuine it would be easy to forget you’re talking to a famous model and actress if she wasn’t so mesmerizingly stunning.

She wanted to be a fashion designer, but soon was the one in front of the camera modeling the clothes. A., she met and married actor Rob Estes, who also had worked on Melrose Place and currently is playing dad Harry Mills on “Beverly Hills 90210.” They were married for 13 years.

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