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He's been inside you, has seen you do your hair and has probably heard you fart a few times.Should asking him if he will change his status on what—in the scheme of things—amounts to the new Friendster really be that intimate of a request? Here are the top ten signs that your honeymoon period is about to come to an unceremonious end: 10. This might also have something to do with #9..suddenly spending the night together doesn't necessarily mean you're going to have sex. We try to be the cool girlfriend that lets everything roll off her back. When she's finally gone, you will most likely see us cry a few times in one week.

I know, barf) anytime I would recount something really sweet or romantic to my friends, they would smile and politely say: awwww, you guys are still in the honeymoon period. That lifelong childhood friend of your significant other that you pretended to love for so long? And you might not think twice about skipping that bikini wax for six months. The honeymoon period still means you're not completely comfortable with each other and the less self conscious you are around your significant other, the better the boning. Some couples will never talk about their gas issues. You know, the ones you received randomly while you were at the office that said things like "thinking about you" or "you're beautiful" or "what are you wearing? (side note: remember when people used to call each other on the phone? When you do end up fighting, afterwards you're both like: "hahahahahaha, our first fight! I remember the first time this happened with the life partner and I. I know at times it can be alarming and it might put you in panic-mode about whether a break up is right around the corner, but it's actually a good thing when it starts to fade away. Gone are the days of going to see a movie, because you know your significant other really wants to see it or eating Ethiopian food even though it tastes like nothing. One of you (and not to be sexist, but it's generally the female in a relationship) starts letting the crazy emerge.Well, now that you've been dating for a year, you feel a little safer saying: That fucker is a huge asshole and I would prefer to never hang out with him. For the H-bomb and I, it might be 90% of what we talk about. " It's not that they go away completely, but when your significant other was sending them at the beginning of the relationship, what he really meant was "I'm writing you this text so that you will know that I like you and won't look for dick anywhere else." Once you've been together for a year, he knows his territory has been marked. It was the first time I knew we were officially out of the honeymoon phase.Dear Single John, I've been dating my boyfriend for six months and I'm really satisfied with how things are going. He's mentioned before that he keeps his Facebook really private and it doesn't surprise me that he hasn't initiated changing his status to "in a relationship" on Facebook.Our relationship is so satisfying in many other ways, but for some reason, the past month I've been hung up on this. The first is that I don't know how to broach the subject because it's inherently awkward and I've waited six months to do so.So it is essential that you have a great time while celebrating your 6 months of togetherness.


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    The tagline for Skype is “doing things together, whenever you’re apart.” Sounds like a great concept when it comes to paying a visit to your grandma in Minnesota (without hopping on a plane) or setting up a face-to-face meeting with that business client in Amsterdam (again, without taking to the skies).

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    That’s an unrealistic expectation and puts a lot of pressure on your transsexual partner. People will almost always figure it out - if they’re around her often. Most guys wanting a transgender partner want a TS woman - a gal who lives 24/7 and identifies completely as female. Most of those same TS women intend to eventually get GRS whereas almost no cross dresser or DRAG Queen has dreams or plans in that regard. The longer a gal’s been or hormones and testosterone blockers - the more lovely she usually looks and acts - due to practice, experience, surgeries, etc.