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If you and your spouse argue a lot now, don't expect things to change as you grow old together.A new study finds that conflict levels remain relatively unchanged throughout a marriage.These couples need more than intimacy-building or communication techniques on how to improve their love relationships.They need to get control of emotions first , to stop making things worse.

Based on these results, the researchers categorized the marriages as high, middle and low conflict.

When I experience my partner understanding and validating what’s going on for me, I feel valued, cared for, even soothed.

When I experience harshness, criticism and invalidation, its like salt on an open wound.

But the good news is that if just one person within the relationship is motivated to improve things, the relationship can and will change.

Conflict is an inevitable component of human relationships but the critical emphasis lies not in the level of frequency, or why it occurs, but how conflict is understood and resolved.


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