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Notable mention goes to Bridgestone’s Performance Football, Coke’s finger crossing superstitious polar bear, E-Trade’s speed dating baby, Honda CR-V and Matthew’s day off (the full version is better), the Bud Light Rescue Dog, and the strange 2nd alien head on’s Confident You. Teleflora with Adriana Lima – Another stupid message. It appears to have done little to prevent the violence.Budweiser: Return of the King – So was the message that the entire country celebrated the end of prohibition, or that after years of no drinking even Budweiser tastes good? Such a policy does nothing to address the gravity of the situation at the time of the offense.Is Amazon Suppressing Search Results, Or Is There A Glitch? Several sellers in the Amazon Forum are debating whether Amazon suppresses search results when a site visitor sorts by any category other than "relevance" or whether the organic search feature "Sort by" in the platform simply has a glitch. The agency holding companies continue to find themselves the pariahs of the industry, implicated in dubious media-buying practices, non-transparent digital media processes - and now by murky advertising production practices as well. Just like Google, my company has a range of perspectives on what a socio-culturally appropriate conversation is -- you know, PC -- and what is "I can't believe you said that out loud! If not, advertisers might as well flush their money down the toilet. In this modern classic commercial, a cute little kid dressed as Star Wars’ Darth Vadar tries to use The Force on his dog and on his sister’s doll, to no avail. The kid looks startled and amazed by his newfound powers. The Force was definitely with VW when it created this ad—it had over 2 million hits just one day after it aired.

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Perhaps you decided Honda's "Matthew's Day Off" was a work of genius last Tuesday afternoon. The practice robs the average consumers -- and marketers -- of the element of surprise.You can yell at me for that later -- and also tell me I was wrong and that releasing so many ads before the game didn't make one bit of difference to marketers or consumers. Last year's multidimensional, intergalactic space epic for the Optima left me feeling cold. But instead of sock monkeys and other stuffed critters, this year's ad is chock-full of celebrities—well, celebrities to straight men of a certain age.And the ending is a nice twist on your typical testosterone-laden football ad, bringing us from kick-ass to "Awwww, you guys! The first response to this commercial, in which a second head is singing that he wants this particular car, will be this: WTF? Stunt Anthem shows the Sonic performing outrageous stunts including bungee jumping, skydiving, kickflipping and making a music video with OK Go.The second will be, "Wait, let's watch that again." Ultimately, this polarizing ad will push viewers into "love it" or "hate it" land with no room in between. The car looks good and the tricks look even better.The spot is made by the facial expressions of the main head and the singing of the second head—and that song, which will become this year's "Give me back that Filet of Fish." Me? So Chevy's finally got a hot little car that can compete with Toyota, Honda and even Ford. It should have the Mtn Dew-slurping, X-Games-watching crowd (or the Gen Xers and Boomers who pretend to be) rushing to the web to see each stunt in its full glory.Today, the Millennials have changed the face of advertising.


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