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(Must attend or test out online): A basic awareness and knowledge session that prepares participants for the five advanced sessions. (Eds.), Developing social justice allies: New directions in student services, 110, 43-54. This new Safe Zone streamlines the process of becoming a member while maintain a training commitment that is steeped in best practices and contemporary education.

Members achieve additional star stickers for their Safe Zone sign to indicate completion of an advanced session. Additionally, trained “in QUEERY” student peer educators will, for the first time, play a role in facilitating.Within Pembroke we also have a Facebook group (set to Secret privacy settings, so that only those in the group know who else is).The CUSU campaign has its own mailing list (and facebook page), with details of weekly events that are happening around Cambridge (such as the weekly LGBT club night). The CUSU LGBT cross-college ‘Family Scheme’ is a great way to make friends when you first arrive at Cambridge (whether you are ‘out’ or not) so feel free to sign up to this. That is the question I do get the feeling from her that she probably would (or has, idk) have sex with a woman. She always puts the B first, is sure to say the word "bisexual" and validate it every chance she gets, her Bitanic tweet, etc. she actually goes on to tag the male friend there is not a lesbian...shares the same passion for women. Coupled with her other post I think its clear to say she is no where near straight.However, every student also has the right to opt out of the Directory.


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